Abuse of Power is a podcast that identifies and discusses the various ways in which law enforcement and the US criminal justice system have victimized the very people they are supposed to protect: us.

In each episode, Rudolf and Pfeiffer spotlight a new case of significant injustice caused by misconduct within the system, often resulting in a wrongful prosecution or conviction. Featuring exclusive interviews with those directly involved in each case – including defendants, lawyers, experts and family members – Rudolf and Pfeiffer dive deep into each story, providing listeners with an overview of the abuse that occurred, while also highlighting the fallout from that abuse and showcasing the untold stories of those impacted by flaws within the criminal justice system.

If you or a loved one feel as though you have been wrongfully persecuted by the justice system, please send your story here.

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Abuse of Power is a Campfire production in association with ACast Studios, Such Content, and Olive Hill Media. It is produced in collaboration with the team at Gilded Audio.


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“Through our work, all of us at Campfire have seen first-hand the heartbreaking effects of the flawed criminal justice system, as well as the power that television, film and podcasts wield in bringing these stories to light and ultimately prompting change. We’re privileged to partner with David and Sonya whose collective experience gives them a personal stake in each case and fuels their passion for unearthing and rectifying injustices.”
-Ross Dinerstein

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