Episode 5:
State of California
Kimberly Long


Time Served: 7 Years
Status: Out on bond, 2016

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Abuse of Power:
Prosecutorial Misconduct, Ineffective Assistance of Counsel

(Photo / California Innocence Project)

“If I’m robbed or stabbed or hurting or lost or kidnapped or raped or anything, the cops aren’t on my side. And I’m sure they’d try to say I asked for it. And that’s how I feel and that’s not going to change.” –Kimberly Long

Kimberly Long was arrested for the murder of her boyfriend, Oswaldo ‘Ozzy’ Conde, when she arrived home to their shared California residence on October 6, 2003, to find his bludgeoned body in the living room. Police ignored all potential suspects in favor of Kimberly, even leaning on Kimberly’s friend Jeff Dills to implicate her in Ozzy’s death. Jeff testified on camera against Kimberly at her preliminary hearing, stating that he was with her before she went home and, allegedly, murdered Ozzy. His memory of the timeline along with Kimberly’s timestamped 911 call is what implicated Kimberly as the culprit. However, before Kimberly’s trial, Jeff was killed in a car accident, leaving the defense team incapable of a cross examination. Her trial resulted in a hung jury, but the case’s tenacious prosecutor motioned for a second trial. Despite the judge’s belief in Kimberly’s innocence, the jurors found her guilty. In 2016, she was finally freed from state prison after a judge threw out her conviction. However, a retrial by the prosecutor could send her back to prison any day.


After more than four years of waiting, Kimberly’s legal team was finally heard by the Supreme Court of California. In early September of 2020, Kimberly’s legal team, including Michelle Rogers, put their case for Kimberly’s innocence in front of the Justices. The State argued that there should be no retrial and Kimberly’s original conviction should remain. Both sides are now awaiting the Supreme Court’s decision. The court has the power to finally give Kimberly the conclusion she deserves… or send her back to prison.


Date of crime: 10/6/03

Crime: Murder

Sentence: 15 Years to Life

Interview Subjects:

  • Kimberly Long
  • Michelle Rogers, Appeal Attorney

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