Episode 8:
State of Oklahoma
Perry Lott


Time Served: 30 Years
Status: Out on Parole, 2018

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Abuse of Power:
Eyewitness Misidentification

(Photo / Innocence Project)

“The Confederate South has always been alive, but they’ve been underground, hidden in plain sight. So when they get a chance to victimize, they will.” –Perry Lott

Perry Lott was another victim of Ada, Oklahoma, arrested for the rape of an Ada woman in November 1987, primarily because he had a gold tooth, like the perpetrator had, and was seen in the area around the time of the crime, while visiting his girlfriend. Despite extremely shoddy police identification practices, Perry’s alibi, and zero evidence tying him to the crime, Perry was found guilty at trial and sentenced to more than 200 years in prison. Since his incarceration, crime scene DNA testing has excluded him as the perpetrator, and the victim who identified Perry in a line-up openly expressed that she was worried she chose the “wrong one.” The District Attorney, however, was determined to show no mercy, nor acknowledge the non-existent case built around Perry. In 2018, Perry was finally released, but not due to his innocence. In order to gain his freedom, he has to accept a sentence modification in the form of time served, acknowledge his alleged guilt, and must adhere to the conditions of parole. Even though Perry is now living as a “free man,” justice has not been served and Perry’s wrongful conviction has not been acknowledged.


Date of crime: 11/2/87

Crime: Rape

Sentence: 200+ Years

Interview Subjects:

  • Perry Lott
  • Shaun Hittle, Private Investigator
  • Barry Sheck, Co-Founder of the Innocence Project